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Amado’s Emporium

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Amado’s Digital Emporium


My Name is Amado

& this is my journey

I been a labor worker my whole life

Working warehouse, construction, landscaping and some cooking. I started when I was 17-years old.

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Amado’s Emporium

Father - student - entrepreneur

I became a dad when I was a senior in high school. Life got tough before my adult life even started.

Two years later, I had my second baby. Life got even harder. having to raise a second kid at only 20 years old.

Amado’s Emporium


I sell men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, accessories, caps, and sporting goods

Toys & Games

I started with selling video games, toys, board games, and collectibles


I sell in the TCG categories; Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Lorcana, and sports cards

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Amado’s Digital Emporium

When I lost my job again

With no money, no car, and no food, I was starving for help. Then I stumbled into the world of digital products

Amado’s Digital Emporium

Notion Templates

Templates, systems and workspaces to manage business, content, finance, school and personal

Canva Templates

Landing pages, websites, product pages, mockups, graphic designs, and social media templates

Courses, files, e-books

Online courses, email based courses, image downloads, stickers, PDFs, e-books, and guides

Notion and Canva became the lifeline that started my journey into selling digital products

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Amado’s Digital Emporium

After 15 months, of developing skills

I started building websites, courses, and so much more templates, and content. Now, I’m building a business that is rapidly growing



I never liked writing. But one day, a teacher inspired me, and motivated me with only a few words. Now, I’m building an audience through writing blog posts on Medium

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It took me a long time to get comfortable in front of the camera. I was to nervous, and anxiety would wreck my nerves. Then one day, I said screw it. I have something to share


The idea of podcasting was a weird one for me. I was so afraid of being heard and sounding dumb that I was afraid to voice experience. I finally overcame that fear, and I’m excited to see where podcasting goes for me.


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